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The PentagonThank you for visiting David Mann Jewelers online, a family owned and operated full service jeweler. David Mann Jewelers first opened its doors in 1945, just after the Pentagon was built. Now run by brothers Conrad and Brian Mann, the store was initally started by their father, David, who originally opened the store as a service jewelry store and then added a full sales department.

When the Pentagon was first built there were no commercial services around the local area for the employees to go to. Food and shopping areas were miles away and the administration wanted to have everything be self contained within the Pentagon to keep the employees working at the Pentagon, in the building. At that time there were 25,000 employees. Now there are 20,000 with about 2,500 others coming through the building on any given day. There is also a Metro Subway stop that has been recently added as well and other commercial services close by.

David Mann Jewelers has now been in business in the Pentagon for more than 70 years, with all work done in house. Our service, engraving and repair shop continues to provide quality workmanship to those we have served, including Presidents, Senators, Members of Congress, Secretary's of Defense, Generals, Officers and Servicemen and women from here and around the world.

We are the exclusive jeweler, as well as the only jeweler, to ever have a store in the Pentagon.

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.
We look forward to meeting you soon!

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